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Dr. Berkovich played a leading role in a number of research and development projects on the design of advanced hardware and software systems. Those projects include construction of superconductive associative memory, development of large information systems for economics, investigation of computer communications for multiprocessor systems, and enhancement of information retrieval procedures.

Dr. Berkovich has several hundred professional publications and is an author of five books. He holds 30 patents. Among his inventions is a method for dynamic file construction that later become known as B-tree and extendible hashing. In 2002, he was elected a member of the European Academy of Sciences "for an outstanding contribution to computer science and the development of fundamental computational algorithms".

PhD in Computer Science, 1964, Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Technology, USSR Academy of Sciences
MS in Applied Physics, 1960, Moscow Physico-Technological Institute

Algorithms and data structures; Computer organization; Associative memory; Information systems; Cellular automata modeling; Biological cybernetics

Selected Publications: 

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