Professor & Associate Provost: Mt. Vernon Campus

202-242-6698 (preferred) / 202-994-5906
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SEH 4615
Campus Location(s): 
Mount Vernon Campus, Room 207
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  • By Appointment Setup Through Email
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Dr. Heller is the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at the Mount Vernon Campus of the University, a professor of computer science and is the director of the Elizabeth Somers Center concerned with issues of women's leadership. She is the co-editor of Computers & Education: An International Journal. Dr. Heller is PI and co-PI of a number of NSF grants related to bringing and keeping women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Dr. Heller's current grant is PAY It FORWARD, designed to enable others to offer workshops modeled after the very successful FORWARD to Professorship.

Ph.D., 1985, University of Maryland
M.S., 1972, University of Maryland
B.S., 1964, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Women's Leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Selected Publications: 

1. R.S. Heller and C.D. Martin, Bit's N'Bytes About Computing , Computer Science Press, Potomac, Maryland, 1982.

2. R.S. Heller, Evaluating Interactive Multimedia , In Thomson Multimedia Resource. Edited by K. Shields. Thomson Technology Services Group (Wadsworth Imprint), 1996.

3. Heller, R.S., Martin, C.D., Haneef, N., and Gievska-Krlui, S, Using a Theoretical Multimedia Taxonomy Framework , ACM Journal of Educational Resources in Computing, Vol. 1, No. 1, Article # 6, 22 pages, Spring 2001.

4. R.S. Heller, R. Dhamija, L. Hoffman, Teaching E-Commerce to a Multidisciplinary Class , Communications of the ACM, Vol. 42 (9), pp 50-55, September, 1999.

5. R.S. Heller, K. Brade and C. Branz, The representation of women and minorities in print media , GATES, Vol. 1(2), pp 1-8, 1994.

6. C.D. Martin and R.S. Heller, Attracting Young Minority Women to Engineering and Science: Necessary Characteristics for Exemplary Programs , IEEE Transactions on Education, Vol. 37(1), February, 1994.