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Multimedia Taxonomy; Internet Policy Issues; Historical, Social and Ethical Issues of Computing; Gender Workforce Issues in Science and Technology

Ed.D., 1987, Teacher Education, The George Washington University
M.S., 1972, Computer Science, University of Maryland
B.A., 1965, Economics and Mathematics Education, Western Maryland College

Design of Educational Software; Implementation of Computer Technology in Education; E-Commerce, Internet Policy Issues; Multimedia Taxonomy; Historical, Social and Ethical Issues of Computing

Selected Publications: 

1. Martin, C. D. and Pearson, W., Broadening Participation through a Comprehensive, Integrated System: Final Report on an NSF Workshop , Pathways to STEM Careers: Preparing the STEM Workforce for the 21st Century, January, 2005.

2. Wardle, C., Martin, C.D. and Clark, V.A., The Increasing Scarcity of Women in Information Technology Is a Social Justice Issue , Challenges for the Citizen of the Information Society: Proceedings of 7th International Conference, ETHICOMP 2004, p. 983-903, Syros, Greece, April 2004.

3. Yousef, M., Martin, C. D., Similarities and Differences Between HCI Academics and Software Designers on the Ranking of Criteria Measuring the Semantic Efficacy of Interface Metaphors , HCI International 2003.

4. Heller, R.S., Martin, C.D, Haneef, N., and Gievska-Krlui,S., Using a Theoretical Multimedia Taxonomy Framework , ACM Journal of Educational Resources in Computing. Vol. 1, no.1, Spring 2001, Article #6, 22 pages.

5. Martin, C.D., Using Technology to Create Trust in a Virtual World , Proceedings of the COE International Symposium on Creative Digital Media, Keio University Research Center, Tokyo, Japan, December, 2000.

6. Heller, R. S. and Martin, C. D., Using a Theoretical Multimedia Taxonomy Framework , Proceedings of the ED-MEDIA'99 Conference, Seattle, WA, June, 1999.

7. Martin, C.D. and Wardle, C., Paradigms, Pitfalls and the Pipeline: Gender Issues in the Information Technology Workforce , Proceedings of the IEEE International Society of Technology And Society (ISTAS) Conference, Rutgers University, New Jersey, October, 1999.

8. Martin, C. D., An Alternative to Government Regulation and Censorship: Content Advisory Systems for Interactive Media , Chapter in The V-Chip Debate (Monroe Price, editor) Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc. Publishers, London, 1999.

9. Martin, C. D., Integrating Service Learning into Computer Science through a Social Impact Analysis , AAHE Monograph on Service Learning in Engineering, 1999.