We are currently looking to hire some technology people here locally, initially on a contract or part time basis but looking towards a permanent hire within the next 3-6 months. We are looking for the following:

1. UI Developer - We need someone to help us on the UI front with jquery or another AJAX technology. We have a Flex app right now that we need to move to AJAX, the java back end will remain the same but we need a new front end.

2. iPhone/Android Developer - We need someone to help with the development and creation of new design specs for an iPhone/Android app.

3. Technology Lead - They would work with us on the short and long term technology design and architecture. Our back end is in java and front end is currently in Flex but will be moved to AJAX as soon as possible. Ideally they should be well versed in sql, java, ajax, and tomcat.


Anyone interested should please send a resume, cover letter and portfolio or portfolio links to me at mslage@healthengage.com or any questions they might have.