March 30, 2011

The Information Resources Management College (the "iCollege") is looking
for undergraduate research assistants to work in our cyber security
laboratory. This is a paid position, approximately 10-20 hours per week
during the school year, and full time in the summer. The work consists
of working with professors in the area of cyber security attack and
defense. This would include tasks such as:

- Installation, configuration, scripting, and programming of hardware,
software, and data such as virtual machines, operating systems,
application programs, web applications, biometrics, control
systems/SCADA, network hardware and software including routers,
switches, bridges, firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention, virtual
private networks, wireless and mobile device security, and public key
- Conducting research and creating exercises on current cyber attack and
defense methodologies and on emerging cyber security technology.
- Writing instructions to document the work outlined above.
- Assisting in the cyber security laboratories with student exercises
and high level visitors.

Applicants must be US Citizens and must work during normal daylight
hours, 8am to 5pm. The positions are available at Ft. L.J. McNair in
Southwest Washington DC. The location is accessible via the Washington
area Metro system.


Interested students should submit resumes by March 30, 2011 with an
outline of their education and experience via email to Dr. Mike Piller