Brett Bergen

Countless hours of research, interviews with experts, fundraising, and trashcans full of crumpled designs have all come down to this moment...

The Challenge: work on a team using the Agile development method (2-week cycles) to build a minimum viable product (MVP) in Ruby for a unique social network website that fills a major black-hole on the web. The website is in the category of a “facebook” or “linkedin” in functionality, design and potential user base, but it is the first of its kind in both the problems it addresses and the capability it offers.

The scope and designs are very well-defined. Now the site just needs the sharp mind and the fluid hands of a team of Ruby developers to launch this bad-boy before the Russians do.

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You may contact Brett for more details, or to apply, at:
• Email: (*Preferred Contact Method)
• Work: 215-839-6620 (8:30am – 6pm, week-days)
• Skype: Brett.Bergen
• You can also find me on LinkedIn