IT-Discovery ( is in the business of practically applying information retrieval and machine learning technologies to the fields of eDiscovery and corporate governance. We are a profitable, well- funded startup company looking to make one or two critical software engineering hires. We use Java extensively throughout our application, using technologies such as Spring, Solr/Lucene, Hadoop, as well as homegrown proprietary machine learning algorithms.

We are in need of people that can contribute and lead one or more of the following components in our system:

-Tomcat/Spring MVC/MySQL web tier
-Solr/Lucene search backend
-Hadoop batch processing pipeline
-Groovy/Grails UI for batch processing pipeline
-Proprietary machine learning algorithms for text mining

Here are qualities we're seeking in a candidate:

You love technology: You're a life-long learner, not necessarily because you need to earn a paycheck, but simply because you think technology is cool. You're a tinkerer. You spend spare moments of your time thinking about how to build the better mouse trap. You get excited at the thought of using the latest technology to solve really big problems.
You get stuff done: You focus on practical, concrete solutions to business-driven engineering problems. You have a proven track record of quality and timely execution.
You thrive in a fast-paced startup environment: You're a generalist who's not afraid to try lots of different things. You like it when you are trusted to solve problems without the need to be micromanaged. You find satisfaction in being playing a critical role in the success of a business.

Skills & Requirements

-2+ years of software engineering experience
-A strong command of the Java language and object oriented design
-Experience with using any web application development stack (Java EE, LAMP, Ruby on Rails)
-Spring, Groovy, Grails
-Experience working in a UNIX/Linux environment
-SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL
-Ruby, Python, or Lisp experience a plus
-Lucene, Hadoop, Nutch, or Amazon EC2 experience a big plus
-Experience with big data is a huge plus
-BS in Computer Science or equivalent a plus


Please send your resume to:
Susanna Zamrik