Bachelor of Arts Program

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program is designed for students who wish to combine computer science with a second major, or with a set of secondary fields (minors), typically in natural science, liberal arts, or business. The program provides a foundation in computer science, along with lots of room in the curriculum to select courses in other disciplines. Students are required to elect a second major or two secondary fields. As part of a residency requirement, all computer science majors must take a minimum of 30 credits in computer science at GW. The 30 credits include courses that students who participate in a study abroad program take during their approved study abroad.

For those who want to combine core skills in computer science with another major, the B.A. program is the right choice. If you prefer to have depth and focus in computer science, then you may prefer the B.S. program.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts program must work with their advisors to select a technical track. Detailed information on the curriculum, elective courses, and the technical track is available in the Bulletin which is the definitive statement of degree requirements and is updated to reflect and archive the requirements for each entering class. However, these links offer examples of courses and course schedules that students have used in the past and are appropriate for understanding the overall structure of our program: