Bachelor of Science Program

The bachelor of science (BS) program in computer science provides general education, strength in mathematics and science, communication, and an in-depth program in computer science, including an 8-credit senior design project that closely models "industrial-strength" project development.

As part of a residency requirement, all computer science majors must take a minimum of 30 credits in computer science at GW. These credits include courses that students might take in an approved study abroad program.

Detailed information concerning the program curriculum is available in the Bulletin, which is the definitive statement of degree requirements and is updated to reflect and archive the requirements for each entering class.

SEAS and non-SEAS students interested in pursuing the BS in computer science as a double major need to complete all the requirements below.

Choose your curriculum year below. It is generally the academic year you began the program, but the correct year for you is noted on DegreeMap.