A comprehensive explanation of quantum mechanics: the keyword is 'interactive holography'

Report Number:  TR-GWU-CS-2009-001
Submit Date:  2009-09-15
Author:  Simon Y Berkovich

A hardware implementation of the mathematical algorithm for quantum mechanics is outlined. This “high-tech” enterprise is based on “interactive holography”, an operational entourage that makes quantum mechanics a “normal” science. The holographic reference beam introduces an additional coordinate of phase leading to the description of states by the four-component vectors: |ψ>. Quantum mechanics arises as a holistic phenomenon, so its conventional treatment in terms of local interactions is essentially inadequate raising irrational philosophical constructions. The intrinsic non-locality of the presented model naturally embraces the entanglement of distant objects. Also, the non-separability of holographic processing produces “exchange interactions” between quantum particles showing different collective properties of boson and fermion types. Interleaved synchronized-desynchronized stages of the clock cycle evoke the wave-particle duality in the context of the fundamental perplexity of “measurement”. At synchronization stages, quantum objects evolve as a “superposition” of potentialities, at desynchronization stages, those are probabilistically reduced to one of the characteristic states of the “measurement” apparatus. Such a forced changeover dismisses the uneasy view on quantum world as an emanation of consciousness whatever this means. The given explanation of quantum mechanics generates a battery of original testable predictions that largely confront the existing concept of the Universe.