CS student Joseph Schiarizzi and teammate take first place at the SEAS Innovation Challenge Showcase, ¡Viva Puerto Rico!

Abigail DeMasi (left) and Joseph Schiarizzi (right)
Joseph Schiarizzi (right) and Abigail DeMasi (left)
May 07, 2018

The department congratulates Joseph Schiarizzi and his teammate Abigail DeMasi (MAE) on their first place win at the SEAS Innovation Challenge Showcase, ¡Viva Puerto Rico! The event took place May 3 and was hosted by the GW Innovation Center. The 2018 Challenge was designed to support disaster relief in Puerto Rico in the areas of off-grid power and communications.  The event showcased projects created by the finalists in this year’s Challenge competition.  It also included a panel discussion and short documentary on the devastation caused in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, as well as a celebration of Puerto Rican culture through food and music. Joseph and Abigail’s project focused on creating an affordable and portable networking communication device that uses radio power instead of cell towers.

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