On the Design and Deployment of RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANET

Report Number:  TR-GWU-CS-2010-002
Submit Date:  2010-10-20
Author:  Wei Cheng, Xiuzhen Cheng, Wendy W. Zhao

In this paper, we propose a systematic approach to designing and deploying a RFID Assisted Navigation System (RFID-ANS) for VANET. RFID-ANS consists of passive tags deployed on roads to provide navigation information while the RFID readers attached to the center of the vehicle bumper query the tag when passing by a tag to obtain the data for navigation guidance.We analyze the design criteria of RFID-ANS and present the design of the RFID reader in detail to support vehicles at high speed. We also jointly consider the scheduling of the read attempts and the deployment of RFID tags based on navigation requirements to support seamless navigation. The estimation of the vehicle position and its accuracy are also investigated. Intuitively our RFID-ANS complements to the current GPS but in practice GPS is insufficient for navigation. For example, GPS does not provide enough information to support lane level navigation due to its low positioning precision. Our RFID-ANS is designed to address fine-grained navigation for complex driving environments.