Q: Are there any differences between the courses in the Booz Allen program and those offered on campus?
A: No. The courses are the same and are taught by the same group of faculty. Your diploma or certificate will not make the distinction. If you choose to go for your doctorate at GW, you can use the M.S. degree earned in the GW-Booz Allen program as a part of the admission requirement.

Q: Can I register for any graduate CS course and get the discount?
A: Yes. You need to be registered as a GW-BAH Corporate Partnership Program student. Please indicate that you are a BAH employee when you apply and also notify both the Department of Computer Science and Learning and Development at BAH (contact information given here.)

Q: Can I complete just the graduate certificate but not the M.S. degree?
A: Yes. By taking the four security courses offered in the program (CSci 6531, 6532, 6541, and 6542), you satisfy the requirements for the graduate certificate in Computer Security and Information Assurance. You need to be enrolled in the graduate certificate program and discuss with your academic advisor.

Q: Can I earn both the M.S. degree in computer science and the graduate certificate in computer security and information assurance?
A: Yes. The M.S. degree is "stacked" with a graduate certificate so that at the completion of the program, the student receives both the M.S. degree in computer science and the graduate certificate in computer security and information assurance.

Q: Can I do an M.S. thesis?
A: Yes. However, you need to find a faculty member willing to be your thesis advisor. In place of two of the courses from the program, you will enroll in 6 thesis credits.

Q: What happens if I quit Booz Allen?
A: Because of the agreement between Booz Allen and GW, only Booz Allen employees can enroll in the program at the negotiated tuition rate. You can still use the courses you have taken in the program toward an M.S. degree or a graduate certificate by completing the requirements at the regular tuition rate. You may also be able to transfer the courses you have taken to another university if you end up moving somewhere else.

Q: What happens if I miss a semester?
A: If you need to miss a semester due to work or personal reasons, you need to notify the Department of Computer Science to register for a leave of absence for the semester.  You cannot take a course from another institution and transfer the credit into your program.

Q: Can I transfer graduate credits into the program?
A: Yes, you can transfer up to 6 graduate credits that have not been used for another degree. These courses must be applicable to the M.S. degrees or the graduate certificate and must be approved by your academic advisor. Once you start a degree program at GW, you cannot take a course from another institution and transfer the credits into your GW degree program.

Q: If my undergraduate degree is not in computer science, am I still eligible for the M.S. degree program?
A: Yes. Students with a variety of undergraduate backgrounds may apply for the program. For those students without a B.S. in Computer Science, they may replace two of the courses from the breadth courses with the following courses, which must be taken first:

  • 6010 Introduction to Computer Science Fundamentals
  • 6011 Introduction to Computer Systems

These courses are designed to get the student up to speed on the basics of computer science and need to be taken first.

Q: What is the class schedule?
A: Courses are offered each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer). In the Fall and Spring, the classes are taught one night per week for 14 weeks. During the Summer, classes are typically taught 2 nights per week for 7 weeks.

Q: Can I take more than 3 courses per year?
A: Yes. By taking 3 courses per year, you are able to graduate after 3 years and one semester and also maximize your FlexEd benefits. You can graduate earlier by taking more classes per year.

Q: What should I do if I don't meet one or more of the requirements for admission?
A: It is possible that the particular requirement can be waived based on other considerations. To discuss your particular case, please contact the academic advisor.

Dr. James Hahn
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