Introducing Dr. Kinga Dobolyi

August 31, 2021


Dr. Kinga Dobolyi has joined the Department of Computer Science as an associate professor of practice. Dr. Dobolyi previously taught computer science at George Mason University for eight years.

Her interests in computer science education focus on how to retain and increase the number of students in such courses, especially under-represented groups, via techniques such as self-pacing, active learning, test-driven development, automated feedback, student-led discussions, and focusing on non-traditional computer science applications. She has also worked in industry as a data scientist at a startup, and as an applied deep learning researcher at the non-profit IQT Labs, specializing in biomedical applications of computer vision and NLP. Her current research interests include automated testing for deep learning models and characterizing uncertainty in research on emerging infectious diseases.

Dr. Dobolyi earned her Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Virginia.