Master of Science in Computer Science

MS in CS

Program Overview

The Masters degree is based on 10 courses (30 credit hours). A student may do a thesis, but this is optional. There are no comprehensive examinations. Three of the 10 courses are required (core courses). The other seven courses can be selected based on consultation with the student's advisor. Two of these courses can come from a different department.

Focus your study on such topics as computer security and information assurance, database and information retrieval systems, software engineering and systems, biomedical computing, digital media and computer graphics, networking and mobile computing, computer architecture, pervasive computing and embedded systems, machine intelligence, robotics, and algorithms and theory.

Master’s Degree Program Requirements

  • Three core courses: CSCI 6221, 6461, 6212
  • No area of concentration is necessary
  • Seven additional courses that can be taken for graduate credit
  • At least 8 of the 10 courses (24 of 30 credits) must be taken at the 6000 level or above
  • Normally students may take up to two non-CS courses (6-credits) toward their MS degree with prior written approval from their advisor
  • At least 3.0 GPA to meet graduation requirements
  • A student who receives 2 (or more) grades of F will be dismissed from the program
  • A student who receives three (or more) grades below B- will be dismissed from the program

Courses for Graduate Credit

There is no requirement that students take courses in any particular subject area or across areas. To browse courses by subject area, please click on the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our helpful FAQs page to find answers to questions that both prospective and current students often ask.


Program Entry

The department offers a Fall, Spring, or Summer semester program entry for its MS programs. To apply for Summer semester entry for MS programs, the deadline is March 1. (Non-F1 Visa-seeking applicants only unless exception requested by faculty advisor)