Program Description and Policies

Program Description

The George Washington University Master's degree and graduate certificate in computer science program in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton is designed to provide practicing professional with a competitive edge and to prepare them for the doctoral degree program if they so choose.

The 10-course, 30 credit-hour M.S. program is open to individuals who have an undergraduate degree in computer science or related fields. The program emphasizes both the fundamentals of computer science and relevant application areas.  The graduate certificate is designed to give a deep understanding of specific areas of computer science. It consists of a set of four courses in areas such as computer security, software engineering, databases, digital media, networking, and bioinformatics.

The courses and the M.S. degree are exactly equivalent to the ones offered at the main campus in DC and are taught by the same group of faculty. All courses meet once a week in the evening at the GW Virginia Campus.  For each cohort, one course is offered for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

The M.S. degree is "stacked" with a graduate certificate so that at the completion of the program, the student receives both the M.S. degree and the graduate certificate in computer security and information assurance (CSIA). If the student is interested in the 4-course graduate certificate but not in the full M.S. degree, s/he may enroll in the graduate certificate only and take just those courses. After earning the graduate certificate, the student may apply for the M.S. degree and transfer the courses taken into the M.S. program.

Cohort Policy

Each Booz Allen Hamilton cohort is limited to approximately 25 students or less. These students will begin the program together and follow through all 10 sequential courses as a group. Students may take courses to satisfy their degree requirements from cohorts other than their own or from the GW Foggy Bottom or VA campuses, with the permission of the faculty advisor.

Grading Policies

Students who receive two (or more) grades of F will be dismissed from the program. Students who receive three (or more) grades below B- will be dismissed from the program. A student must have a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 in order to graduate.