Spectrum Assignment and Sharing for Delay Minimization in Multi-Hop Multi-Flow Cognitive Radio Networks

Report Number:  TR-GWU-CS-2012-001
Submit Date:  2012-01-26
Author:  Wei Li, Xiuzhen Cheng, Yong Cui, Kai Xing, Wendong Wang

This paper investigates the problem of spectrum assignment and sharing to minimize the total delay of multiple concurrent flows in multi-hop cognitive radio networks. We first analyze the expected per-hop delay, which consists of the sensing delay and the transmission delay characterizing the PU activities and spectrum capacities. Then we formulate a minimum delay optimization programming with interference constraints, and propose an approximate algorithm named MCC to solve the problem. According to our theoretical analysis, MCC has a bounded performance ratio and a low computational complexity. We also exploit the minimum potential delay fairness in spectrum sharing to mitigate the inter-flow contentions. Finally, extensive simulation study has been performed to validate our design and to compare the performance of our algorithms with that of the state-of-the-art.