Technical Reports

TR-GWU-CS-2013-001 Calendar variations in the phenomena of Nature and the apparition of two Higgs bosons
Author: Simon Berkovich
TR-GWU-CS-2012-002 Robust Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Schemes in Cognitive Radio Networks
Author: Hongjuan Li, Xiuzhen Cheng, Keqiu Li, Chunqiang Hu, Nan Zhang
TR-GWU-CS-2012-001 Spectrum Assignment and Sharing for Delay Minimization in Multi-Hop Multi-Flow Cognitive Radio Networks
Author: Wei Li, Xiuzhen Cheng, Yong Cui, Kai Xing, Wendong Wang
TR-GWU-CS-2010-003 Efficient Data Compression using CUDA programming in GPU
Author: Ganapathy Mani
TR-GWU-CS-2010-002 On the Design and Deployment of RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANET
Author: Wei Cheng, Xiuzhen Cheng, Wendy W. Zhao
TR-GWU-CS-2010-001 Versatile Publishing For Privacy Preservation
Author: Xin Jin, Mingyang Zhang, Nan Zhang, Gautam Das
TR-GWU-CS-2009-005 OxiNet: A New Natural Language Processing Software
Author: Ganapathy Mani, Stephen Kaisler
TR-GWU-CS-2009-004 Simple Section Interchange and Properties of Non-Computable Functions
Author: Ward Douglas Maurer
TR-GWU-CS-2009-003 An information-theoretic approach for privacy protection in OLAP systems
Author: Nan Zhang, Wei Zhao
TR-GWU-CS-2009-002 On The Establishment of Defender’s Reputation Against Insider Attacks
Author: Nan Zhang, Wei Yu, Xinwen Fu, Sajal K. Das
TR-GWU-CS-2009-001 A comprehensive explanation of quantum mechanics: the keyword is 'interactive holography'
Author: Simon Y Berkovich