Graduate Certificate in Computer Security and Information Assurance

The certificate program in computer security and information assurance (CSIA) provides a strong technical education in the security of computer systems and networks, as well as training in related policy issues.

The objective of this certificate program is to provide a coordinated four-course sequence in computer security and information assurance that emphasizes concepts in computer security augmented with current industry standard techniques and challenges. It provides an alternative to the full Master of Science program for practicing computer scientists and other information technology personnel who wish to extend their education beyond the Bachelor of Science level, and to those who wish to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the burgeoning field of computer and network security.

Students will learn the essentials of computer and network security through two required courses, and will also have the opportunity to explore in further depth topics of specific interest through two electives. Electives are offered in topics such as information policy, wireless security, and cryptography, as well on advanced research topics in the various specialized areas of security.

Students who are enrolled in or have completed the certificate program may choose to continue their graduate studies and apply to the Master of Science in computer science or the Master of Science in cybersecurity in computer science degree programs. Students accepted to either M.S. program may transfer all credits earned from the graduate certificate program.

However, completion of the graduate certificate program is not an implied acceptance in the M.S. programs. Students who wish to move on to the Master’s level must apply to one of the two M.S. programs in the Department of Computer Science.  Students may not be simultaneously enrolled in the M.S. and certificate programs.

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Please contact the CSIA advisor, Dr. Pless, at [email protected] with any questions about the certificate program.