Faculty and students in GW's Department of Computer Science work together to: design and analyze new protocols and systems for stronger cyber security; develop imaging algorithms for computer-assisted surgeries; develop new methods to enable robots to do more human tasks; convert unstructured data to functional knowledge, a critical research area in the natural language processing and “Big Data” field; improve the reliability and efficiency of cloud platforms; and develop better operating systems, among many other efforts.  An introduction to the department also is available on the Quick Facts page.

Our Programs

The Department of Computer Science offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree programs in computer science. Students may also choose from a number of options within the degree programs.  The department also offers a graduate certificate in computer security and information assurance.

Our Research

Computer Science faculty and students conduct research programs across a wide array of topics in: algorithms and theory; artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics; biomedical engineering and computing; climate informatics; cloud computing; computer security and information assurance; computer graphics; digital media; networking and mobile computing; pervasive computing and embedded systems; systems and software engineering; and search and data mining.  Visit our research pages to learn more about our research programs and current projects.